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So I've been hmming and hawwing about Chapter 3 of LOKI. My main issue was that it was too episodic, and unlike the first two chapters, which are also quite episodic, didn't really do anything in terms of advancing the plot or characters in any way, shape or form.

I told myself to just tank it out and do it anyway, since the chapter was only 19 pages and not a whole lot of work compared to the first two but. I just finished thumbnailing the chapter that comes afterwards, and not only is it monstrous in length and will take me a long time to finish, it does a better job in terms of both advancing the plot and characters and makes Chapter 3 pretty much redundant. So now Chapter 4 is Chapter 3 and Chapter 3 is a scrap folder.

Unfortunately I couldn't have figured this out BEFORE I did a whole bunch of inking, but I'm getting better at not trapping myself into spending weeks on comic pages I'm not excited about because the whole point is to enjoy what I'm doing, right? So, the pros outweigh the cons I think.

Anyway, so here's some of my inking progress (with sketch layers visible). These will never see the light of day as final pages, but I'm still pretty proud of the way they were turning out. Don't worry about spoilers, it won't ruin anything for Chapter 2.

09/19 pages yeaaaaaaaaah. Good job me.

And here's my initial doodle of the two central characters of the chapter, siblings Marietta and Sebastian Amarez. I actually super love them, and will try to throw them in somewhere if I can. They were childhood friends of Lochlan's who remain occasional drinking buddies/partners in crime with him.

Marietta owns a ranch and lives by the rule of "work hard and party hard" but work always comes first. She's incredibly responsible and self-sufficient but knows how to relax (unlike a certain Marshal...)

Sebastian is pretty much the opposite. He's lazy and irresponsible but well-meaning and very easy going. He makes friends easily, and gets into trouble even more easily. Unfortunately for Marietta, she's usually the one to bail him out. 
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