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Here's the last of the main trio, Johnny!

His design definitely changed the most drastically out of all of them. His old design was less exaggerated and a lot harder to keep consistent, I like the new version a lot better!

This is Johnny in a nutshell:

And here's fashion tests for him and Red. They didn't really need fashion tests since they mostly wear jeans/Tshirts for the whole comic, but I wanted to practice how fabrics hang on them differently and also give myself some reference for how different their body types are.

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Here's Red's concept art! He probably changed the least out of all of them, especially his face. Mostly I just made him more rectangle-shaped and stockier. He's still the easiest to draw haha.

Bonus! Expression meme with Red:
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So Buzzards is getting a more intense re-vamp then I originally planned, for the better. I have a much better handle on (well drawing for one) the characters and what the main focus of the story is, so getting pretty excited about where it's going.

For now just re-hashing the character designs/re-thinking the visual design a bit to match LOKI better (since the story is in the same universe and only a year or two earlier).

Also shaking with excitement about getting to do a black and white comic again sob.

So here's the first round of concepts of the main trio, Rose.

Her design didn't change that much, mostly I gave her a haircut (looking at the old pages oh my god her hair changed length in every panel sob). I also changed the way I draw her face to make it a little more elastic and expressive. The way I did it before, especially the eyes and mouth made it really hard to emote.

Next up, Johnny!

(x-posted images to my tumblr)
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So I've been hmming and hawwing about Chapter 3 of LOKI. My main issue was that it was too episodic, and unlike the first two chapters, which are also quite episodic, didn't really do anything in terms of advancing the plot or characters in any way, shape or form.

I told myself to just tank it out and do it anyway, since the chapter was only 19 pages and not a whole lot of work compared to the first two but. I just finished thumbnailing the chapter that comes afterwards, and not only is it monstrous in length and will take me a long time to finish, it does a better job in terms of both advancing the plot and characters and makes Chapter 3 pretty much redundant. So now Chapter 4 is Chapter 3 and Chapter 3 is a scrap folder.

Unfortunately I couldn't have figured this out BEFORE I did a whole bunch of inking, but I'm getting better at not trapping myself into spending weeks on comic pages I'm not excited about because the whole point is to enjoy what I'm doing, right? So, the pros outweigh the cons I think.

Anyway, so here's some of my inking progress (with sketch layers visible). These will never see the light of day as final pages, but I'm still pretty proud of the way they were turning out. Don't worry about spoilers, it won't ruin anything for Chapter 2.

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A quick comic that turned into a not-so-quick comic. Set during the original novel outline, Vaughan, Magpie and Mia (who I will post concepts of soon) being domestic and adorable.

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So there was some discussion in the comments over at the LOKI site about genderbends and I thought I'd doodle some up.

And then I put way too much effort into it... )
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So I convinced my awesome friend [ profile] ardent_star  to collab. with me for the upcoming artist's issue of SSBB and oh man guys I am so excited for this. We're adapting one of her novel ideas into a short comic and it will be full of flirty swordfights and Regency costumes and gaaaaaaay.

Doing all the concept art right now, we have the script finalized but won't be ready to draw pages yet, methinks.

So here's these fellows... )
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I feel like they literally sat down and were like "Okay, hmmm, what would Justin like to see in a show?"

Seriously, like...seriously.


I'm only on episode 5. I can't even watching it more then 1 episode at a time, I'm afraid I might explode from the awesome.

Also, some art! More original stuff, that's really all I've been working on:
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